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I am very pleased with the way H***** has come on very well with his confidence and speaking. And very happy he made new friends. J.W. July 2015


I am very happy with how A***** has developed and grown in confidence whilst attending playgroup.  A***** will miss everyone at playgroup but is ready to start school. I just want to thank all the staff for there care and input given to A***** whilst at Playgroup. K.O.N July 2015


L***** has settled great into pre- school and enjoys his time here. He talks often about starting school and is looking forward to September. R.C July 2015


A*****, since she attended the playgroup has become more confidence and her English language has improved. She is happy to come and play in the nursery. D. July 2015


I am very happy with C***** progress at nursery. J.W July 2015


M** has grown in confidence over the last six months and is ready for school. Her skills have developed well thanks to the support from the Kingsway team. C.H. July 2015


M** has developed well at pre- school and seem s to be looking forward to going to school. L.M. July 2015


A***** has become a very confident boy since starting Kingsway. C.H July 2015


A*** has enjoyed his time spent at nursery. G.W July 2015


So happy with A**** progress at nursery, he has come on leaps and bounds. Thank you everybody. R.H. July 2015


My daughter has thrived since attending nursery. She has made really good progress. L.P July 2015

Kingsway Playgroup and Pre-School Centre is all about “Inclusion” and “Partnerships with Parents”. I am the grandmother of two four-year-old girls who attend “Kingsway”, One of them for about 18 months and the other for 6 months. As their carer, I am aware that they are very happy and thriving in this nurturing environment. They look forward to school each day and the variety of activities awaiting them. From the start, I have been made to feel welcome by the staff at Kingsway.
We are greeted with friendly banter and smiles, and this makes for a very happy start to the day. Each child is given a special named adult at Kingsway and they are responsible for overseeing the children's immediate welfare, and keeping communications vibrant between parent/carers and Playgroup staff. Everything is shared and discussed with us and there is a real feeling of community at Kingsway. The named adult is also responsible for producing an ongoing “Learning Journey” for each child. This is a wonderful record in words and photographs of our children's progress.
I am a retired teacher and I am very impressed with the quality of these portfolios. Our children are treated as individuals. Here “Every Child “ does matter. The children are nurtured and encouraged to always raise their level of expectation and achievement.
As carers/parents in partnership, we too are included and encouraged to participate in all aspects of Kingsway Playgroup life. We are given well thought out “Schemes of work and play” at the beginning of term, and this outlines activities to be developed. We are invited to attend special “Play and Stay Sessions” and Parent/Carer meetings –for example “Value of Messy Play” and Nurture Toys etc, and we are always asked to contribute to and question all the activities.
There is a regular, very informative, Newsletter, a suggestion box, invites with reminders and “nudges” to attend special sessions.
The Leadership Team at Kingsway Playgroup is superb. They have developed a creative and stimulating environment for our children, and the staff are obviously well trained and very happy at work.
There is a vibrance and freshness about the staff, and our children do well in their care.
“Partnership with Parents/Carers” is paramount to Kingsway's Mission Statement and success, and I am very happy to be a part of this “Special” and thriving, Community focused, Playgroup.
GS 3/2/11
Outside Play Area


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